Position Statement

I have been trusted by Region 10 Directors to serve in the Region 10 EXCOM for 8 years.  This allows me to comprehend the region and its diverse nature.

If elected as Region 10 Director-Elect, I will commit myself to bring in my globalized experiences with transformational leadership to the “ONE” region 10 vision where collaborative partnerships take place for the mutual benefits toward sustainable growth of the region.

My priorities are:

  1. Work closely with IEEE major boards and committees for better value added and localized membership model, products, and services that benefit members.
  2. Synergize complementary strengths and collective efforts of sections, chapters, and volunteers through the new collaborative platform and grant.
  3. “Groom to grow” – Develop programs to empower student chapters, YP, WIE to become the next generation leaders.
  4. Support the impactful implementation of humanitarian projects, educational activities, industry engagement through quadruple helix framework.
  5. Allocate resources to sections/chapters mentorship and revitalized plan.
  6. Ensure inclusivity and diversity in Region 10 governance.